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Dec 4, 2012 4:00pm PST
are ready with towels. the ban just needs the mayor's signature to become law, next year. offenders will face possible jail time for violations. possible exemptions would be beta breakers and gay pride parade. >> oakland city council decided to make a decision on a dog park at lake shore avenue and mcarthur boulevard. oakland residents will have the opportunity to voice their opinions first. the meeting starts at 5:30. >> this afternoon aj strike by clerks shut down the ports of los angeles and long beach. following all night talks both sides agreed to early federal mediation. >> i'm more optimistic. there is movement being made on both sides. >> that strike is costing u.s. economy estimated $1pgañ billion per day in lost trades. truckers honoring ticket lines. clerical union says the únf$wguz is jobs being shipped overseas. the port says it's offering 600 clerksz lifetime job security. >> former command yefr a task force is pleading guilty. the attorney tells axe bc 7 news the client will admit to five counts tomorrow in oakland, welsh is accused of stealing drugs from evidence
Nov 27, 2012 4:00pm PST
tell bloomberg google seeking to persuade fcc it hasn't broken laws. the company is reportedly worried entering into any settlement with the agency may hurt its future business dealings. the company and motorola units settle a lawsuit with immersion corporation that has sued motorola claiming some of the smart phones infringed. under the deal google will pay for past missed shipments. talk about the stock parkt. stocks ending the day down, investor as wait news on fiscal cliff bloomberg silicon valley was down on the day. sales of microsoft x box 360 are outpacing those with the new gaming system. a spokesperson blogged 750,000 consoles were sold in the u.s. last week, and that compares to just $400,000. the brand new wiiu, everybody fighting for those gamers and their)8áÑ attention during the holiday season. dan and carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> we're expecting big changes in the weather. >> yes. sandhya patel is tracking it all. it did sound intense. >> yes. with a first storm hitting during rush hour, timing of the storm does not look good. from our sutro camera, you can
Dec 3, 2012 4:00pm PST
law restricting succession to boys. if she gives birth to a third, that baby will be third in line to the thrown. >> what do you think is in the future? >> brothers and sisters. >> well, let's give them time for the first one. the couple considered the future of the royal family. now, their baby is expected to secure the future of the monarchy for decades to come. >> oh, they're abuzz in great britain. katy pery gets a big honor and major a listers get glamd up for an oscar see vent. >> the academy provided a big cheese at the awards. even kristin stewart. stars lined red carpet for a night honoring individual who's made a difference behind the scenes. >> these people made contributions so that is pretty special. >> it's not the contest. that the other one is. this is more and it's the way it was originally. >> it airs sunday here on abc. now, to katy perry honored this weekend by the trevor project providing suicide prevention services. a list of celebrities came out to show support. >> we want everybody to have a right to be whoever they choogs to be. there so much work to do and
Nov 29, 2012 4:00pm PST
with the law. she was arrested on assault charges early this morning. police say she hit a woman in the face during an argument. that club avenue at chelsea. few hours she was charged in california for a car crash earlier this year. they accuse her of reckless driving as she crashed her porche in the back of a dump truck. >> we're hearing that joe jackson is being treated at las vegas hospital. michael jackson's father is in good spirits and expected to be sent on home on friday. he has had several small strokes. it occurred twice before this. >> carolyn: they talk about the hobbit and "dancing with the stars" pro is going to take an acting gig. >> the hobbit, it doesn't hit theaters. but hit a world premiere in new zealand. peter jackson and other stars were there for the celebration. and the star talked about the film's title. >> it's an unexpected journey but for all of us it was extremely unexpected. >> it's an unexpected journey and arrives in theaters december 14. he may not have taken over the trophy but he will guest star on general hospital. check out these photos as boxing
Nov 28, 2012 4:00pm PST
they're going to think you're ripping them off. police don't know laws. just show it to them, walk out. >> be done with it. >> yes. >> robin asked a good question. now that everybody is shopping i bought a purse from a thrift store thinking waits real but it's counterfeit. >> you thought you got a score there? that is a bummer. it's legal for them to do it. as long as they didn't know it was a fake. and they probably didn't. i would just go back and return it that. is the best thing you can do. if they knew it was a fake, then just like anyone else, you're not atloud do that. so if you know it's fake, no go. >> louis wants to know is it legal to advertise a job that is less than minimum wage? i see nanny jobs paying p an hour. >> do you believe that? i'm glad you gave me an opportunity to talk about this. minimum wage is not required for everyone. let me tell you who doesn't get it. domestic workers. parents, children of workers of employers i believe i've got a graphic for this. apprentices could not have to be paid. neither do sales reps. so there is a minimum wage, but not every
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5